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Davcas, Inc. is a Professional Demolition and Deconstruction Company, servicing the Los Angeles and Orange County. We offer a wide range of services including retail, commercial and residential demolition, deconstruction, construction debris removal, and recycling.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the best ‘Complete Demolition’ experience. Our professional team, equipped with access to an experienced directly-employed workforce, is able to advise on and execute complex tasks in the safest, most economical, and least disruptive manner.

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Prior to starting on site, each project is carefully planned to provide the safest and most efficient means of carrying out the works to the required specification of our clients. Our in-house team develops detailed proposals for work. This enables us to develop detailed methods and understand any temporary work requirements so we maintain the buildings structural integrity at all times.

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Deconstruction is the process of carefully dismantling a building to salvage its components for reuse and recycling. Whereas traditional demolition is highly mechanized, capital intensive, and waste-generating; deconstruction is labor-intensive, low-tech, and environmentally sound. Deconstruction transforms a quick-and-dirty chore into an undertaking that supports community development with environmental, economic, and social benefits.

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We haul away construction materials:

Drywall, Plaster, Roofing
Debris (wood, plastic, cardboard, wires, tile, etc)
Concrete, Asphalt, Stucco, Dirt

We also do small pickups:
Garage and basement cleaning
Yard clean-up
Old furniture and appliance pick up

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We can also take care of all the cleaning involved in your project, from the beginning through the end, and because we know how important is to finish on time and to keep the client happy, we offer you a professional cleaning crew that will take care of your residential or commercial project.

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